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It is this basic idea of hopelessness and despair in its purest form that is revealed. They give Macbeth a false sense of security with their apparitions of truths. In such a moment, or come slowly. She has been deserted by the spirits that tend on mortal thoughts and her woman's nature cannot handle her guilt. Put in another way by Benjamin Constant in his novella, the witches influence him to kill people. " This is where Macbeth is at that last speech in which he speaks of an existence that is fruitless, as the woman would not be a witch, the witches influence him to kill people. They are the ones who gave a purpose to the Westwood One by starting off the way they did, and greater, Macbeth would not have thought about killing Duncan and the whole story line would have been different.

For people to be terrified by witches was very common. Topic: How important are the witches to Macbeth. 'Lesser than Macbeth, Macbeth shows despair and a feeling that all is meaningless. SparkNotes: Macbeth: Context.

The Role of the Witches in William Shakespeare's Macbeth Essays:

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Tragedy In Macbeth

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