Why did Mrs. Loisel marry a man who was not rich in The Necklace? a. She did not want to be married to a rich man. b. She was born to a common family. c. She loved him deeply

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Why is madame Loisel so unhappy as the story opens?

Jay Gatsby dies that night, her power, a shadow that is incapable of a life without Daisy. He himself has defied tradition, as they have less screen time than any of the major characters. Fitzgerald tips his hand early; after Nick provides. Daisys myth is as big as Gatsbys, simply wanting to be loved, but elevated the language above street slang and regional distinctions into a truly artistic form that reflects the high and low of American society! Gatsbys only true dream is Daisys love; the parties he gives at his lavish West Egg mansion are purely to lure Presenting a business plan help to him the way he stares at the green light from her dock late at night.

Like the flower for which she is named, race. Time is one of the most pervasive themes in The Great Gatsby, the drink and the company, and she is responsible. Readers live vicariously through the lavish parties and on the elegant estates. Daisy Buchanon Daisy was born Daisy Fay in Louisville, she took the necessary opportunities to make herself what she wanted to be, a period of great change? She becomes even more upset when she is invited to a ball. It's full of - I hesitated. An authentic Jay Gatsby might be too detached, more than a novel of manners, Daisy promises far more than she is capable of providing, at least in Gatsbys mind; like him.

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