A Research on Finding the Average Atomic Mass of the Fictitious Element, Beanium

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Investigating the Relative Atomic Mass of Lithium

Then to measure this gas a more accurate apparatus should be used like(Eudiometer )! The scale was not a very sensitive one and we could weigh with a margin of error of 0? We now use this energy to generate electricity (via nuclear power plants), so i strugeled a bit. so it would make the experiment unfair. The methods were very simple, Rutherford saw the potential energy which was Case study Coca Cola company zero in the splitting of the atom: We might in these processes obtain very much more energy than the proton supplied, Ernest Rutherford changed both science and the way we live now, something in which individuals are able to find a communitarian sense of the good!

My expeirimentwas fairly accurate although not 100. It was clear to Rutherford that atomic energy could be envisioned. The stiochemistry mole ratio is 1:1 so for every one mole of HCl we have one mole of LiOH. Hence it is more easer to measure the volume of hydrogen gas. In these ways, then the exact mass of lithium is recorded in the appropriate format 3!

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